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CodeWhisperer is an AI code assistant from Amazon focused on autocomplete, free for individuals with AWS Builder IDs. Uniquely, CodeWhisperer is optimized to give code completions based on best practices for using AWS APIs. Enterprise users can also customize CodeWhisperer for their own codebases, but this is not available for free-tier users.

CodeWhisperer itself does not offer chat or command features, but AWS offers a chat assistant (“Amazon Q”) in the same IDE extension as CodeWhisperer. Q is currently in a free preview, and it is expected to cost $20 / user / month once it is fully released.

TL;DR: CodeWhisperer is a good solution for developers primarily looking for autocomplete or developers working with AWS APIs. It can also provide context-aware autocomplete for enterprises using the new codebase customization. Meanwhile, Cody is a good option for developers who want more expansive functionality, such as chat and commands alongside autocomplete, or for free-tier users who are looking for a context-aware code AI.

Cody Logo
Amazon CodeWhisperer Logo
FeaturesSourcegraph CodyAmazon CodeWhisperer
Custom commands
Security vulnerability scanning
IDE supportSourcegraph CodyAmazon CodeWhisperer
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio
LLM / ModelSourcegraph CodyAmazon CodeWhisperer
Chat model (default)Claude 3 Sonnet
Autocomplete model (default)StarCoderNot disclosed
Choose your LLM
Bring your own LLM key
LLM hostingCloudCloud
Context and personalizationSourcegraph CodyAmazon CodeWhisperer
Personalized responses using codebase context
Fine-tuned LLM
PricingSourcegraph CodyAmazon CodeWhisperer
Free tier offered

Last updated: 2024-04-16

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