Automate large-scale code changes

batch changes

Keep your code up to date, fix critical security issues, and pay down tech debt across all of your repositories with Batch Changes.

Change code everywhere with a single declarative file

Batch Changes gives you a declarative structure for finding and modifying code across all of your repositories. With a simple UI, it is easy to track and manage all of your changesets through checks and code reviews until each change is merged.

Graphic of many developers individually updating repositories, while some are not updating their repositories.
Asking developers to update repositories
Graphic of a single developer updating a lot of repositories.
Using Batch Changes to update repositories

Search, define, execute, and track code changes

  • Find all occurrences of code to change with Sourcegraph universal code search
  • Programmatically define changes by creating a declarative specification file
  • Execute specifications via a lightweight CLI
  • Track changeset lifecycle status across multiple code hosts via the Sourcegraph UI

The ability to automate downstream changes that Sourcegraph Batch Changes provides is a key capability for reducing the hidden burden of updates pushed across teams and enabling us to increase our engineering velocity.

Jared Hodge, Sr. Manager Developer Experience

Track changes from creation to merge

Tracking changes to many repositories requires spreadsheets and manual labor.

With Batch Changes, you can automatically track changeset lifecycle status, like check state, reviews, and merge status via the Sourcegraph UI so you can get the changesets merged.

How developers are using Batch Changes


Quickly edit every CI, build, and other configuration files to make changes such as altering steps, migrating versions, or changing base images.

Batch spec for updating the username in Circle CI configurations

Sourcegraph Batch Changes gives us the confidence we need to understand the total impact of large-scale code changes before we make them. This enables the entire team to make more impactful decisions more often.

Trent Grover, Director of Architecture - Client Technologies, Workiva

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