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    Code Search

    Search for any function or class name to see docs and jump to definitions.

    Code browsing

    Navigate around source files and jump to definitions.

    Usage examples

    See everywhere else a function is called, in context.

    The intelligent code platform for teams

    Build better technology with Sourcegraph, the only platform that uses insights from code to make developers superhuman and teams effortlessly collaborative.

    What is Code Intelligence?

    Code Intelligence draws insights from automatic analysis of your organization's code, giving developers and teams instant access to key information:

    • How do my teammates use this code—and am I using it correctly?
    • What is the impact of this code change?
      Who's affected and what could break, enterprise-wide?
    • Has anyone at my organization already written the code I'm about to write?

    In organizations where developers have these answers instantly available, teams build software more quickly, and leadership has greater visibility and confidence.

    Start with 1 developer,
    scale enterprise-wide


    Get started in minutes with 1 dev, then onboard the whole team

    Sourcegraph's easy, secure installation means that a single developer can start getting value within minutes. From there, they can easily invite the whole team.


    Scale to massive codebases with 1,000s of users

    Sourcegraph's Code Intelligence gets smarter as you connect more codebases and developers. And it stays fast.

    See why the best development teams use Sourcegraph


    Discover and pinpoint existing code with contextual, cross-repository search

    Sourcegraph indexes your organization's code to give developers the power to find what they need, instantly.

    Code Intelligence enables automatic ranking, linking, and filtering of search results, ensuring that the most current and highest quality results are displayed first.

    Explore and examine existing code

    Developers can effortlessly browse code with contextual information and links, helping them better understand new and existing codebases.

    When viewing any piece of code, they can instantly share it, explore its history, see which colleagues wrote or maintain it, and view everyone and everywhere using it.

    It's like having an automatically generated Wikipedia for your organization's code.


    Bring your organization's codebases
    together, all in one place

    Connect all codebases enterprise-wide to Sourcegraph,
    no matter where the code is hosted (GitHub, Bitbucket, Stash, etc.).
    Unite teams across system, geographical, and language barriers.

    Impact Analysis: build software quickly with confidence

    See the enterprise-wide impact of any code change—who's affected and what could break—and empower your developers to catch the hardest-to-find bugs before shipping.