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Tabnine is an AI assistant primarily focused on code autocomplete. Tabnine Chat, an in-IDE chat feature, is also in beta but only for Enterprise users. The free tier of Tabnine has limited functionality, offering short code completions of 2-3 words.

The most unique aspect of Tabnine is its hybrid LLM approach. Tabnine's free tier (Starter) runs a small model on the user's local machine and a larger model in the cloud. Tabnine Pro also offers a model where users can run the Tabnine AI models entirely on their local machine.

TL;DR: Tabnine is a good choice for users who want to run their LLM entirely on their local machine. Cody Free and Cody Pro offer a wider range of features using cloud-based models.

Cody Logo
Tabnine Logo
FeaturesSourcegraph CodyTabnine
Custom commands
IDE supportSourcegraph CodyTabnine
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio
LLM / ModelSourcegraph CodyTabnine
Chat model (default)Claude 3 SonnetProprietary
Autocomplete model (default)StarCoderProprietary
Choose your LLM
Bring your own LLM key
LLM hostingCloudCloud or on-prem
Pro tier pricing for individuals$9 / user / month$12 / user / month
Context and personalizationSourcegraph CodyTabnine
Personalized responses using codebase context
Fine-tuned LLM
PricingSourcegraph CodyTabnine
Free tier offered

Last updated: 2024-04-16

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