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Cursor is an “AI-first Code Editor.” Unlike other solutions which are commonly IDE extensions and plugins, Cursor itself is a fork of VS Code. This gives Cursor some unique functionality, including its “Auto-debug” feature that can attempt to fix errors that appear in the VS Code terminal. Cursor also provides codebase context to the LLM, and users can manually select files and symbols to include as context for questions.

The main downside of Cursor being a fork of VS Code is that it is not available to use with other IDEs (such as the JetBrains family).

TL;DR: Cursor is a good choice for users who are willing to migrate from their preferred IDE to Cursor. It offers unique functionality and has strong codebase context features. However, Cody is a better option for users who want LLM choice or who want their code AI to work within their IDE of choice.

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Cursor Logo
FeaturesSourcegraph CodyCursor
Custom commands
IDE supportSourcegraph CodyCursor
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio
LLM / ModelSourcegraph CodyCursor
Chat model (default)Claude 3 SonnetGPT-3.5
Autocomplete model (default)StarCoder
Choose your LLM
Bring your own LLM key
LLM hostingCloudCloud
Pro tier pricing for individuals$9 / user / month$20 / user / month
Context and personalizationSourcegraph CodyCursor
Personalized responses using codebase context
Fine-tuned LLM
PricingSourcegraph CodyCursor
Free tier offered

Last updated: 2024-04-16

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