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Copilot is an AI code assistant that offers autocomplete, chat, and commands. It has strong autocomplete performance using the OpenAI Codex model, and it offers in-IDE and mobile chat with GPT-4. It also offers deep integration with the GitHub platform with Copilot Enterprise.

Unfortunately, Copilot does not offer a standard free tier. Copilot is also limited in how it uses code context on its Individual and Business tiers; codebase personalization is limited to Copilot Enterprise, and codebase context is limited to code hosted in GitHub. However, Copilot Enterprise also requires a GitHub Enterprise Cloud subscription and is not available with their on-premise Enterprise offering.

TL;DR: Copilot is a good choice for individuals who are willing to pay for a solution or for enterprises looking for a solution that is deeply embedded in the GitHub ecosystem. However, Cody is the better option for individuals who want a free AI code assistant that they can personalize using codebase context, or for users who would like to select which LLM they'd like to use. Cody is also a good option for enterprise users who want to personalize their AI with code from non-GitHub code hosts.

Cody Logo
GitHub Copilot Logo
FeaturesSourcegraph CodyGitHub Copilot
Custom commands
IDE supportSourcegraph CodyGitHub Copilot
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio
LLM / ModelSourcegraph CodyGitHub Copilot
Chat model (default)Claude 3GPT-4
Autocomplete model (default)StarCoderCodex
Choose your LLM
Bring your own LLM key
LLM hostingCloudCloud
Context and personalizationSourcegraph CodyGitHub Copilot
Personalized responses using codebase context
Fine-tuned LLM
PricingSourcegraph CodyGitHub Copilot
Free tier offered
Pro tier pricing for individuals$9 / user / month$10 / user / month
Enterprise tier pricing$19 / user / month$39 / user / month

Last updated: 2024-04-16

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