Sourcegraph Cody vs Cursor

Cody is a better option for users who want LLM choice or who want their code AI to work within their IDE of choice.

Cody Logo
Cursor Logo
FeaturesSourcegraph CodyCursor
Custom commands
IDE supportSourcegraph CodyCursor
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio
LLM / ModelSourcegraph CodyCursor
Chat model (default)Claude 3 SonnetGPT-3.5
Autocomplete model (default)StarCoder
Choose your LLM
Bring your own LLM key
LLM hostingCloudCloud
Pro tier pricing for individuals$9 / user / month$20 / user / month
Context and personalizationSourcegraph CodyCursor
Personalized responses using codebase context
Fine-tuned LLM
PricingSourcegraph CodyCursor
Free tier offered

Last updated: 2024-04-16

Get Cody, the AI coding assistant

Cody makes it easy to write, fix, and maintain code.

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