Last modified: December 15, 2023

Sourcegraph, Inc. (“Sourcegraph”) uses certain third party subprocessors (“Subprocessors”) to assist in providing the Services described in the Sourcegraph Terms of Service available at and/or as set forth in an applicable Order Form. Capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the applicable Sourcegraph Terms of Service.

Sourcegraph will update this page when engaging a new Subprocessor, and if you subscribe for updates, Sourcegraph will notify you by email of changes to this page.

Sourcegraph engages Subprocessors to perform the functions described in the table below. For Sourcegraph’s self-hosted product, personal data will only be processed to the extent such data is shared by Customer with Sourcegraph for the purpose of delivering support services.

Third-party SubprocessorLocationService ProvidedApplicable product
Anthropic AIUSAProcesses user queries and code snippets submitted to Sourcegraph CodyCody
CloudflareUSAProcesses customer request data such as IP addresses to optimize security and performance of Sourcegraph Cloud and
Sourcegraph Cloud
Fireworks AIUSAProcesses user queries and code snippets submitted to Sourcegraph CodyCody
GoogleUSAProvides cloud hosting for and Sourcegraph Cloud (Google Cloud Platform)
Stores dashboard analytics for and Sourcegraph Cloud (BigQuery)
Sourcegraph Cloud
OpenAIUSAProcesses user queries and source code to generate embeddings that improve search functionality when using Cody and only when enabled by customerCody
HoneycombUSAProcesses any information sent for debugging
SentryUSAProcesses error data, which can include email addresses and other personal data, for debugging
SparkpostUSAProcesses account verification and other service-related emailsSourcegraph Cloud
Cody Pro

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