Liveblogging dotGo 2017

Quinn Slack

We’re excited to be running the official liveblog for dotGo 2017 in Paris on Monday, November 6. With the help of volunteer Gophers at dotGo in Paris, we’ll be blogging concise technical summaries of all dotGo talks, so people from all around the world can follow along and learn. Liveblogging conferences is a tradition in the Go community going back to the very first dotGo and GopherCon in 2014, and we’re excited to be continuing it.

Some highlights from GopherCon 2017: 12 Gophers contributed liveblogs for 26 talks, including gRPC in Production by Alan Shreve and The New Era of Go Package Management by Sam Boyer.

If you’re at dotGo, stop by and say hello! For those of you at home, follow the action on Twitter or follow the posts at

About the author

Quinn Slack is the CEO and co-founder of Sourcegraph, the code intelligence platform for dev teams and making coding more accessible to more people. Prior to Sourcegraph, Quinn co-founded Blend Labs, an enterprise technology company dedicated to improving home lending and was an egineer at Palantir, where he created a technology platform to help two of the top five U.S. banks recover from the housing crisis. Quinn has a BS in Computer Science from Stanford, you can chat with him on Twitter @sqs.

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