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Preparing for the Next Log4j

How Nutanix Remediated the Vulnerability in 4 Days

For Nutanix, when 20,000+ of the world's most advanced data centers rely on your company's software, any security vulnerability is a concern. But when the Log4j vulnerability hit, rated as a 10/10 on the CVSS scale, the Nutanix team knew it had to act fast. "The more we dug, the more we realized this bug was everywhere and nowhere at the same time," said Nutanix Technical Director of Solution Engineering, Jon Kohler.

So how did Nutanix rise to the challenge of creating a cohesive response across the org's multiple teams to quickly fix the Log4j vulnerability?

Hear firsthand from Jon Kohler, Nutanix Technical Director of Solution Engineering, about how he and his team quickly identified and remediated every instance of Log4j, transforming a threat to customer trust into an opportunity to strengthen it.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How Jon enabled his team to confidently find & fix every instance of Log4j across a sprawling codebase in under 4 days
  • How this experience led to a renewed trust in Nutanix's vulnerability remediation for management and customers
  • Best practices to prepare for the next security vulnerability

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Jon Kohler
Jon Kohler
Technical Director of Solution Engineering at Nutanix

Jon is a leader in the Solutions Engineering practice at Nutanix. His team covers a variety of full-stack technical solutions, focusing on both Big Data and Healthcare solutions.

Mike McLaughlin
Mike McLaughlin
Principle Customer Engineer at Sourcegraph

Mike is a Principal Customer Engineer at Sourcegraph working with some of today’s largest brands to solve the challenges of big code, developer velocity, and fixing vulnerabilities.