Terms of Service for Sourcegraph Managed Services

Last Modified: May 5, 2023

This document outlines the basic terms and conditions that apply to Sourcegraph's Managed Services Offerings.

Managed Services

Description of Managed Services Offering

Sourcegraph management of self-hosted customer instances. Use of Managed Services will typically entail badged and/or VPN access for the Sourcegraph team to oversee management of existing customer’s instances. This service will:

  • Provide dedicated experts with deep technical and infrastructure knowledge
  • Reduce resource burden by offloading maintenance of self-hosted Sourcegraph instances, providing quarterly instance tuning, and handling ongoing maintenance, upgrades, migration, configuration, and infrastructure related projects

Scope of Managed Services

Managed Services will provide dedicated Sourcegraph experts with direct access to a customer’s self-hosted instance. These experts will complete the following tasks according to the access they are granted.

  • Complete regular and recurring upgrades of the instance at an agreed upon cadence.
  • Perform quarterly system health checks to identify any areas for improvements, and oversee any updates to accomplish those improvements.
  • Build and maintain custom configurations of the underlying infrastructure and Sourcegraph features being used.
  • Provide scaling and right-sizing recommendations.
  • Complete necessary steps associated with feature add-ons.
  • Provide disaster recovery assistance and outage incident response.

Access and Responsibilities

The work completed by Managed Services will be aligned with the access the Sourcegraph team is given.

At a bare minimum, the Managed Services team will need admin access to the customer’s self-hosted Sourcegraph UI and CLI. Granting the team direct access to the underlying infrastructure will unlock the ability to directly complete additional tasks related to implementing infrastructure improvements, building custom infrastructure configurations, building out any infrastructure related to feature add-ons (i.e. Executors), and more. Any tasks that require expanded system access that the Managed Services team is not granted will still need to be performed by someone at the customer organization that has the ability to do so.

Because of this, the Managed Services team will need a primary point of contact at the customer who will:

  • Assist with the coordination of tasks that need to be completed by members of the organization.
  • Assist with the coordination of decisions and approvals required by the organization

Difference Between Managed Services and Premium Support

Premium Support is a reactive service that provides elevated and dedicated support to customers when the customer approaches us with issues they need to solve or initiatives that they would like to pursue. While Premium Support also includes services such as upgrade assistance and quarterly system health checks, these tasks are still initiated and ultimately performed by the customer with over the shoulder support.

Managed Services, on the other hand, is a proactive service where Sourcegraph actively monitors the system, performs regular and recurring upgrades, provides regular system health checks, and provides continuous guidance and hands-on work for improving the instance. Unlike Premium Support, Managed Services allows Sourcegraph to be hands-on directly in the system, and as such removes the need for an admin to perform the actions that have been contracted as part of Managed Services.

Managed Services Packages

The packages offered for Managed Services are largely dependent on the level of access that you would like to and are able to provide to the Sourcegraph Managed Services Team. For pricing, please discuss with your Sourcegraph contacts.

Package 1 - Application Managed Services Package

Access Granted to Sourcegraph:

  • Admin access in the Sourcegraph Instance UI and CLI

Services Performed:

  • Instance Upgrades
  • Feature Configuration within the Sourcegraph Instance
  • Monitoring for Alerts and User Feedback
  • Quarterly System Health Checks
  • Feature Add-On Support
  • Right-Sizing Review and Recommendations
  • Review of Custom Deployment Configuration
  • Direct Line to Implementation Engineers
  • Disaster Recovery Guidance and Support

Resources needed from Customer:

  • Champion
  • Infrastructure and Network Teams
  • Security Team
  • Code Host Admin(s)

Package 2 - Application and Infrastructure Managed Services Offering

Access Granted:

  • Admin access in the Sourcegraph Instance UI and CLI
  • Admin access into the underlying infrastructure to managed images, containers, manifests, charts, and/or clusters depending on the deployment method

Services Performed:

  • All services included in the Application Managed Services Offering
  • Hands-on management of the underlying infrastructure including management of custom infrastructure build

Resources needed from Customer:

  • Champion
  • Security Team
  • Code Host Admin(s)
  • Direct Line to Infrastructure and Networking Teams should they be needed