The Total Economic Impact™ of Sourcegraph code intelligence platform

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sourcegraph

Key findings

Relying on customer interviews, data collection, and financial analysis, Forrester Consulting concluded that Sourcegraph can provide customers:


Return on investment

<6 months

Break-even point


Net present value

Incremental profit for customers derives from:

Eliminating other search tools and solutions

Reduced developer labor cost for typical search and understanding activities

Labor savings for additional use cases

How Sourcegraph achieves this impact

Sourcegraph is a code intelligence platform

Sourcegraph understands various developer search use cases and effectively facilitates their application, be it debugging, seeking broad understanding, code reuse, code health analysis, or quality improvements.

Sourcegraph is a multiplier of developer productivity

  • Used daily for code search and intelligence needs, saving on average 2-3 hours per week per developer
  • Boosts productivity through faster, and more tailored code search and intelligence capabilities. Facilitates a deeper understanding of code, code reuse, best practices, accelerating debugging code, and developer collaboration
  • Considered a necessary tool by developers in internal satisfaction surveys

“Sourcegraph helps developers understand things more quickly. They code more effectively and quickly because they understand their surroundings, they understand their requirements, they find code to reuse, etc.”

– Development tools engineering manager, online ticketing

Sourcegraph meaningfully improves developer workflows

Before Sourcegraph:

Ineffective homegrown, open-source, or native code host solutions for code search

Lacking capabilities: Certain query requests were not obtainable, results were in a cumbersome format, and the means to obtain a full understanding was often neither possible nor obvious

 Unable to load all repositories

Unacceptable response times ranging from seconds to minutes

Inaccurate results frequently suspect or known to be incorrect or incomplete

After Sourcegraph:

Sourcegraph replaced all existing search tools

Developers found Sourcegraph easy to use, with capabilities aligned to their needs, useful for developing a basic understanding to code, debugging applications, and identifying best practices and code reuse opportunities

Enables search and navigation for the developer org's entire codebase without limits

Split-second response times

Accurate results

Sourcegraph also provides real-time code insights and incident response capabilities

Beyond code search and understanding, Sourcegraph caters to these use cases:

  1. Provides real-time code analysis for the entire codebase (with Code Insights)
  2. Provides incident responses to application outages or other issues requiring rapid resolution (with Batch Changes)

“We have used Sourcegraph’s batch changes utility to retire some internal libraries, upgrade library versions, and even changing our URLs that were getting flagged as spam when used in emails. Planning is easier and shorter, communications are improved, and execution is a lot better.”

– Senior manager of developer experience, online software company

Download the full report to discover the ROI and cost savings your enterprise can see with Sourcegraph

Sourcegraph is trusted by the world’s leading enterprises

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