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Improve velocity with faster code discovery and understanding

Developers can find, navigate, and share code across entire codebases in seconds, increasing development velocity and reducing time spent searching for answers.

Satish Surapaneni

Senior Engineering Manager, F5

"We are developing software faster than ever, with aggressive schedules, and across boundaries. Things that used to be worked out in a closed room now need to be done while teams are spread out across the globe.”

Developers write code faster using Cody and the power of AI in their IDE

Balázs Tóthfalussy

Engineering Manager, Prezi

"As we’ve grown, so has the need to better track and communicate our progress and goals across the engineering team and broader company...

Complete large-scale migrations and refactors in hours rather than days

Perform organization-wide migrations and upgrades across every repository and code host with Batch Changes, and track migration progress with Code Insights dashboards.


Track and resolve vulnerabilities quickly and with confidence

Find all instances of vulnerabilities with Code Search, then use Batch Changes to replace vulnerable code all at once. Plus, Code Insights lets you create dashboards to track instances of vulnerabilities or bad code patterns over time.

code search

“It's nice when you can just run a report and say, 'Here it is,' or 'Here it isn't.' It's much better than having to say, 'Well, boss, I think we got it all.'”

Jon Kohler

Nutanix, after responding to the Log4J vulnerability

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You don't have to compromise. Sourcegraph works with all major code hosts and many of the most popular IDEs.

Visual Studio Code

Satish Surapaneni

Senior Engineering Manager, F5

“Before Sourcegraph, each of our teams was siloed. Developers could understand their own codebase, but it was difficult for them to see and understand other team members’ code.“


Choose from your favorite Large Language Models

Cody, Sourcegraph’s AI coding assistant, lets you choose from multiple LLM options including Anthropic Claude 3.5 and OpenAI GPT-4o. You can even bring your own LLM key with Amazon Bedrock and Azure OpenAI.

microsoft azure
amazon bedrock
open ai


Leverage AI at any scale. Sourcegraph supports the world's largest codebases.

Customers run single-tenant Sourcegraph instances for codebases of epic size:


Terabytes of code at finance industry customer


Repositories at finance industry customer

Nine’s Platform Engineering team saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by using Code Search and Batch Changes for their CI/CD refactor.


Engineering time saved

1,200 hours

Estimated annual time savings


Deployment options for every team

Choose Sourcegraph Cloud, our single-tenant cloud solution, or self-host Sourcegraph in your preferred environment.

Admin usage analytics

Admins can see anonymized, event-level usage analytics for each feature their teams are using.

Granular user permissions

Sync repository permissions with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket Cloud, Gerrit, or Perforce. Alternatively, set your own custom, repository-level permissions.

Authentication with SAML and code host OAuth

Admins can choose from multiple user authentication options, including SAML or OAuth via GitHub or GitLab.

SCIM user provisioning

Provision and de-provision users with SCIM for Okta and Azure Active Directory.

<5 minutes

Time to find and fix instances of a vulnerability

<4 days

Time to deliver Log4j vulnerability patches to customers

Nutanix was able to find every instance of Log4j vulnerabilities in their large codebase and ship codebase-wide fixes in less than a week

SOC 2 Type 2 compliance

SOC 2 Type 2 compliance

Data privacy is a priority, and Sourcegraph has received a SOC 2 Type 2 report. See oursecurity portalfor more information.



Sourcegraph is compliant with the CCPA and operates in accordance with GDPR data protection regulations.


Audit logs

Sourcegraph logs security and access events for security teams’ peace of mind.


Enterprise-grade AI security and governance

Zero retention

Our provided LLMs do not retain data from your requests for longer than the time it takes to generate an output.

You retain ownership

You retain ownership of all inputs and output generated by Cody.

Uncapped indemnity

We provide full IP indemnity to enterprise customers.

Guardrails to catch licensed code

Sourcegraph automatically checks AI suggestions against open source code and highlights matches to mitigate IP risk.

No model training with your data

We do not train models using data from Cody Enterprise users, so your code stays private to you.

To learn more, read ourCody security & legal whitepaper

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