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The only AI coding assistant
that knows your entire codebase

Cody uses AI and deep understanding of your codebase to help you write and understand code faster

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Code faster with AI-assisted autocomplete

Cody autocompletes single lines, or whole functions, in any programming language, configuration file, or documentation.

Every day, Cody helps developers write > 150,000 lines of code
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Cody is available for:
VS Code IDE Marketplace

VS Code

IntelliJ IDE marketplace

JetBrains IDEs

NeoVim IDE


Cody Chat

AI-powered chat for your code

Cody chat helps unblock you when you’re jumping into new projects, trying to understand legacy code, or taking on tricky problems.

Cody can answer questions like:

How is this repository structured?
What does this file do?
Where is X component defined?
Why isn’t this code working??
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Joe Previte

Joe Previte

I've started using Cody this week and dude, absolute gamechanger especially with me onboarding to Haskell at my new job literally just gave me the answer, explained it will and it just fixed my error.

Joshua Coetzer

Joshua Coetzer

VS Code marketplace review

Absolutely loved using Cody in VSCode for the last few months. It's been a game-changer for me. The way it summarises code blocks and fills in gaps in log statements, error messages, and code comments is incredibly smart.

Reza Shabani

Reza Shabani

Recently I’ve been super impressed with Cody, and am using it constantly. It’s especially good at answering questions about large repos.

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Run custom and pre-built commands

Generate, test, and fix code with one-click commands.

Explain code or entire repositories

Sourcegraph powered context

Cody uses your code graph plus Code Search to autocomplete, explain, and edit your code with additional context.

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Get started with Cody

Use Cody for free in your IDE, no credit card required.

Cody Enterprise

Cody Enterprise provides additional security, scalability, and control for your organization. Unlimited usage and context search for your entire codebase.