Key traits of a code intelligence platform

Sourcegraph helps developers save time and move faster, regardless of how complex your codebase is: any code host, any language, and any repository.

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Enable and engage your development teams with Sourcegraph

Full view of the codebase

Exhaustive across all repositories and code hosts

High-fidelity search is applied across all repositories and code hosts to provide a holistic view of sprawling code. Developers are in control of how they prefer to navigate the codebase with multiple pattern types, including symbol search, structural search, and precise code navigation.

Accurate Results

Trustworthy answers that help your team move fast

Exhaustive and relevant search results are returned in a fraction of a second with a variety of information, including repositories, files, diffs, and commits. When your development teams are stuck, they’re empowered to find answers on their own through robust search and living documentation with interactive code snippets that are always up-to-date.

Rich codebase context

Access powerful insights and rich context to make the best decisions

Leverage insights across your entire codebase through rich context about functions, variables, and cross-references. Accurate documentation with live code queries provide additional information when developers need it the most.

Automated large-scale code changes

Seamlessly make and track large-scale code changes

Large-scale code refactors can be applied across the codebase with just a few clicks. Save your team time resolving vulnerabilities, keeping code updated, or paying down technical debt. Track code changes all the way to merge from a powerful dashboard, instead of doing manual project management work.

Global view for leaders

Access real-time reports that can be customized to track codebase progress

Set up customizable, visual dashboards in sixty seconds that turn your codebase into a database. Leaders can track the status of migrations and deprecations while preventing future vulnerabilities through alerts when specific code is added by the team.

Sourcegraph helps enterprise development teams...

Get unblocked

  • Sourcegraph helps developers uncover answers, understand code, and take actions in the codebase without interrupting teammates.
  • Developers at a well-known American social news site save 30 – 60 minutes a day with faster access to answers.

Save time resolving issues

  • Sourcegraph helps development teams quickly identify, resolve, and proactively prevent issues from happening again.
  • Indeed saw a 90% reduction in manual work required for large-scale code changes.

Gain insights and track progress

  • Developers use insights to track migration and deprecation projects to completion and visualize version spread and security vulnerabilities, while leaders rely on analytics to make data-driven decisions and create clear success metrics for their teams.
  • A top hybrid multi-cloud provider resolves security vulnerabilities 4x faster and measures progress each step of the way.

For developers, Sourcegraph is a must-have tool 一 we need it at arm's length at all times.

Derrick Faunce, Associate Director of Developer Services, Factset
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Sourcegraph is our answer for sharing information and facilitating easy collaboration across teams, despite the boundaries of distance and time.

Satish Surapaneni, Senior Manager, Engineering, F5
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Sourcegraph gives us the ability to search for and refactor references to deprecated services, libraries, URL patterns, and move across our 2000+ repositories, and the confidence that we're not leaving anyone behind.

Aneesh Agrawal, Software Engineer, Lyft
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Sourcegraph’s code intelligence platform is more than simply search.

The platform drives velocity by helping development teams quickly get unblocked, save time resolving issues, and gain insights to make better decisions.

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