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Ryan Blunden

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Sourcegraph is the standard developer platform for code search, review, and code change management for many of the largest and most exacting technology companies. With Sourcegraph, every company has access to the same kind of tools that Google and Facebook developers use every day.

We are huge fans of Strange Loop! The theme of creativity and balance of aspirational vs. practitioner content makes it one of our favorite conferences and why we are proud to be a bronze sponsor this year.

We're also excited to announce that Sourcegraph and Strange Loop are partnering together to produce the first Strange Loop liveblog! We've hosted and managed liveblogs for conferences such as GopherCon and the GraphQL summit, and we love to help as many community members as possible get involved and contribute! Could that be you?

Read on for what's involved and why it's a novel way to be part of the conference.

Why liveblog?

To liveblog a talk is to capture and summarize the essential concepts and messages in a written form. Publishing your post then makes it available to anyone in the world, only hours after the presentation. As a liveblogger, you get to deepen your knowledge of the content presented, give back to everyone in the community who couldn't be there live, and get your name on a promoted artifact of Strange Loop 2019.

How to publish a liveblog post

To create and publish a liveblog post:

  1. We request slides from the speakers in advance to make it easier to extract code snippets, images, etc., and help you get familiar with the concepts and content.
  2. Take notes during the presentation, capturing, and summarizing the talk's key points.
  3. Fork our website repository, then edit the Markdown file for your post in the blogposts directory.
  4. Optionally, you can preview your post by following the instructions to run the dev server locally.
  5. Once ready, make a pull request.
  6. A preview version of the site with your blogpost will be available in the checks section of the pull request for final confirmation.
  7. A Sourcegrapher will also review your pull request, and once approved and merged, will be online in less than 5 minutes.

Once live, your post will be promoted on the Strange Loop and Sourcegraph Twitter accounts, crediting you and raising your profile to our combined 20,000+ followers.

To sign up for liveblogging

Complete the signup form (which includes the talk you want to cover), and we'll be in touch to confirm your assignment.

For any questions, reach out to me (Ryan) via Twitter DM or via email.

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Hangout with us at Strange Loop 2019!

Quinn, Geoffrey, Rijnard (who is also presenting), and myself are attending so come talk to us at our table in the Union Station foyer outside the Grand Ballroom. Hope to see you there!

From all of us at Sourcegraph, we hope you enjoy Strange Loop 2019!

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