Sourcegraph June 2024 release: Jupyter Notebook rendering, Mermaid diagrams, and Cody Enterprise updates

Justin Dorfman, Alex Isken

Code Search is your single search engine for finding and navigating all your code, so this month, we’re upgrading the file view to support rendering even more file types you may have in your codebase.

This update also enables two recently announced Cody Enterprise features: GPT-4o support and increased context windows for better codebase awareness.

Render Jupyter Notebooks and Mermaid diagrams in the file view

The Code Search file view now supports rendering Jupyter Notebooks (.ipynb files) and Mermaid diagrams (within .md files).

Jupyter Notebook files were previously rendered as JSON, but they’ll now render as rich text and media right in the file view, similar to how they’re rendered in the native Jupyter application.

Mermaid is a JavaScript-based diagramming and charting tool. You can use it to create visualized diagrams, flowcharts, and user journeys directly within Markdown files. Code Search now recognizes Mermaid syntax within your Markdown files and will render your diagrams within the file view.

Code Search file view showing the Mermaid chart

GPT-4o support for Cody chat and commands

You can now use GPT-4o as your LLM for powering Cody chat and commands. GPT-4o is OpenAI’s latest model, and it’s two times faster than GPT-4 Turbo while performing better in general reasoning benchmarks.

Read the docs for information on configuring your model selection. You can also try out GPT-4o and compare it against other models using the LLM Litmus Test.

Smart context windows for better codebase awareness

Cody has increased context window limits for both inputs and outputs. These changes provide several benefits:

  • You can now push way more context into Cody, including @-mentioning multiple large files, so that you can ask questions about larger amounts of code
  • You can have much longer back-and-forth chats with Cody before it starts to forget the context from earlier in the conversation
  • Cody’s outputs should not cut off mid-message anymore

For BYOK customers, increasing context limits may increase LLM costs. Read the docs for more information on this feature and how to set your own context limits.

Sourcegraph 5.4.5099 is now available. Users self-hosting Sourcegraph can upgrade their instances today, and Sourcegraph Cloud users will receive this update within the coming days.

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