Sourcegraph 4.5 release

Code Insights

The new Code Insights UI makes it easier to run insights over specific repositories

We've introduced a new UI for insights creation. You can now use Sourcegraph query syntax to select repositories for an insight to run over. Previously, if you wanted an insight to run over more than a few repositories, you had to create an insight that ran over all of them. This change makes it possible to select only the repositories that are relevant to the insights you are creating.

This makes it especially easy to create insights for related groups of repositories, for example, ones that follow a naming convention such as -infrastructure.

The new system allows you to use any of the repo: filter options such as:

  • repo:
  • -repo:
  • repo:has.path()
  • repo:has.file()
  • repo:has.commit.after()


Upgrades to the Gerrit code host integration

When admins sync repositories from Gerrit, permissions can now also be synced to control who has access to each repository in Sourcegraph. This allows Gerrit repositories to function similar to other Sourcegraph-supported code hosts. You can find instructions to configure Gerrit permissions in our docs.

Changelog highlights

  1. Search
    Zoekt now bypasses the regex engine for common queries, such as `\bLITERAL\b case:yes`. This can lead to a significant speed-up for "Find references" and "Find implementations" if precise code navigation is not available.
  2. Code Insights
    Code Insights has a new display option: "Max number of series points to display." This setting controls the number of data points you see per series on an insight.
  3. Code Insights
    You can now export all data for a code insight from the card menu or the standalone page.
  4. Admin
    Added Gerrit as an officially supported code host with permissions syncing.
  5. Admin
    The searcher monitoring dashboard now contains more detailed request metrics as well as information on interactions with the local cache (via gitserver).
  6. Admin
    Zoekt has a new opt-in feature, "shard merging." Shard merging consolidates small index files into larger ones, which reduces Zoekt-webserver's memory footprint, especially for users with many small and rarely update repositories.

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