Sourcegraph 3.27 release

Sourcegraph 3.27 is now available! For this release, we focused on making Sourcegraph Batch Changes even better, upgraded our minimum supported version of Postgres from 9.6 to 12, and added a new contains functionality to search.

Batch Changes updates

Batch Changes allows you to automate large-scale code changes with a single declarative file. With a simple UI, Batch Changes makes it easy to track and manage all of your changesets from checks to code reviews until each change is merged. As part of this release you can now define batch change rollout windows allowing you to better control when changes are rolled out, and we added the ability to mark changesets as “archived” when a new batch spec is created.

Postgres update

We updated the minimum supported version of Postgres from 9.6 to 12. If you are maintaining an external database and your Postgres version is older than Postgres 12, you will need to update your database instance prior to upgrading from Sourcegraph 3.26 to 3.27. Read more about why we made this change.

New "contains" functionality

Contains is a new query built-in that enables you to conditionally filter repositories based on the repository contents. For example, you can now search across repositories only if those repositories contain a particular file (like a README), or a particular file with some content (like a CHANGELOG file that includes the word fix).

Changelog highlights

  1. Batch Changes
    Batch Changes now ignore repositories that contain a `.batchignore` file.
  2. Application UX
    The diff view commit visualization now supports both split and unified views, including hovers, go-to-definition, and find-references.
  3. Batch Changes
    The site configuration now supports defining batch change rollout windows, which can be used to slow or disable pushing changesets at particular times of day or days of the week.
  4. Admin
    Bumped the minimum supported version of Postgres from `9.6` to `12`. The upgrade procedure is mostly automated for existing deployments, but may require action if using the single-container deployment or an external database. See the upgrade documentation for your deployment type for detailed instructions.
  5. Batch Changes
    Changesets in batch changes will now be marked as archived instead of being detached when a new batch spec that doesn't include the changesets is applied. Once they're archived users can manually detach them in the UI.
  6. Admin
    Creating changesets through Batch Changes as a site-admin without configured Batch Changes credentials has been deprecated. To avoid any interruptions in changeset creation, please configure user or global credentials before Sourcegraph 3.29.
  7. Admin
    New changes of a Perforce depot will now be reflected in `master` branch after the initial clone.
  8. Search
    You can now search for repos containing multiple patterns using the built-in `contains` predicate: `repo:contains(...)`, `repo:contains.file(...)`, `repo:contains.content(...)`, and `repo:contains.commit.after(...)`.
  9. Admin
    User auth data can now be encrypted in the database using the `encryption.keys` config.
  10. Repositories
    We now respect the `disableAutoGitUpdates` setting when cloning or fetching repos on demand and during cleanup tasks that may re-clone old repos.

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