Sourcegraph 3.25 release

Changelog highlights

  1. Admin
    Go `1.15` introduced changes to SSL/TLS connection validation which requires certificates to include a `SAN`. This field was not included in older certificates and clients relied on the `CN` field. You might see an error like `x509: certificate relies on legacy Common Name field`. We recommend that customers using Sourcegraph with an external database that is connected using SSL/TLS check whether the certificate is up to date. AWS RDS customers please reference AWS' documentation ( on updating the SSL/TLS certificate for steps to rotate your certificate.
  2. Search
    Structural search now supports searching unindexed revisions and indexed branches other than default.
  3. Search
    Experimental: The webapp can now stream search results to the client, improving search performance. To enable it, add `{ "experimentalFeatures": { "searchStreaming": true } }` in user settings.
  4. Admin
    New product research sign-up page added to user settings. Users can now opt in to participate in user research and provide feedback. Use the new site config option `productResearchPage.enabled` to disable access to the product research sign-up page.
  5. Admin
    Secrets (such as access tokens and passwords) will now appear as REDACTED when editing external service config, and in graphql API responses.
  6. Search
    Improved performance of structural search on monorepo deployments.
  7. Campaigns
    When previewing a campaign spec, changesets can be filtered by current state or the action(s) to be performed.
  8. Admin
    Experimental: Sync Perforce depots directly through the Sourcegraph UI. To enable, use the feature flag `"experimentalFeatures": { "perforce": "enabled" }`. For more information on how to add your Perforce depots, please reference our docs (

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