Sourcegraph 3.20 release

Changelog highlights

  1. Admin
    Site admins can now force a specific user to re-authenticate on their next request or visit.
  2. Search
    To define repository groups (`search.repositoryGroups` in global, org, or user settings), you can now specify regular expressions in addition to single repository names.
  3. Search
    Files and directories can now be excluded from search by adding the file `.sourcegraph/ignore` to the root directory of a repository.
  4. Search
    Structural search syntax now allows regular expressions in patterns. Also, `...` can now be used in place of `:[_]`.
  5. Search
    Experimental: A new homepage UI for Sourcegraph Server shows the user their recent searches, repositories, files, and saved searches. It can be enabled with `experimentalFeatures.showEnterpriseHomePanels`.
  6. Campaigns
    Campaigns are enabled by default for all users. Site admins may view and create campaigns; everyone else may only view campaigns.
  7. Search
    Negated content search is now also supported for unindexed repositories. Previously it was only supported for indexed repositories.
  8. Search
    `rev:` is available as alternative syntax of `@` for searching revisions instead of the default branch
  9. Admin
    Sourcegraph now watches its configuration files (when using external files) and automatically applies the changes to Sourcegraph's configuration when they change. For example, this allows Sourcegraph to detect when a Kubernetes ConfigMap changes.

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