Our ABCs: Always Be Coding children's book free to download

Ryan Blunden

With many family homes now being an office (and perhaps a school as well), we wanted a new and novel approach for embracing the spirit of the United States' annual "Take Our Kids to Work" day.

We love what we’ve come up with and hope you will too—a new digital children’s book titled "Our ABCs: Always Be Coding”—for all children that wonder what their techie parents do all day, night, and some weekends too!

Our ABCs: Always Be Coding

Our ABCs: Always Be Coding book
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The A-Z format introduces simple concepts in a fun and easy-to-understand way so that kids can get curious about coding and perhaps take the first step in beginning their journey in learning how to code. Or at least it will provide an engaging and educational distraction to give you a break for a few minutes!

Dinosaurs, llamas, and dump trucks are cool—but so is coding. At Sourcegraph, many of us, myself included, have young children who now see us working on the computer all day. We love software development and wrote this book as a fun way to share our passion for coding with our kids.

Quinn Slack

We hope you enjoy the book and would love to get your feedback via Twitter or email.

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