Getting buy-in: a recipe for graphQL adoption


Jira Vinyoopongphan @thekamahele Software Engineer @ Capital One

Jira is a Software Engineer at Capital One who is passionate about GraphQL and JavaScript. She has worked on everything from consumer apps and Node.js platforms to marketing pages. When not coding, Jira can be found roaming around the world or weightlifting on the platform.

Jira works on an education FinTech app with a REST backend and set out on a mission to get GraphQL into this project.


  • Identify you audience
  • Write out current challenges GraphQL would Solve
  • Tailor the value proposition to each stakeholder
    • Apollo allowed a much better integration and development process
  • Anticipate pushback
    • Biggest reason was timing and priorities


  • Begin by engaging your audience
  • Use organic opportunities to plug GraphQL
    • passion is infectious

Hack together a demo

  • Take the initiative
  • Identify and implement a feature, keeping the value propositions in mind
  • Reduce cognitive load
  • Use date to drive your argument

Give a tech talk

  • Spread the word & engage external leaders
    • This served as social proof
  • Make yourself available

The Takeaways

  • Front-load the work
  • Drive your argument with key metrics
  • Solve a real problem

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