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Cindy Sridharan (speaker)

Cindy Sridharan (@copyconstruct) is a software engineer at imgix working on APIs, infrastructure, and other backend systems in Go. She also blogs at medium.com/@copyconstruct.

Go is a great language for writing network servers. Cindy's talk explains what under the hood when you call http.ListenAndServe.

Note: This post was live-blogged at dotGo 2017. Let us know on Twitter (@sourcegraph) if we missed anything. All content is from the talk; any mistakes or misrepresentations are our fault, not the speaker's.

Editor's note: Cindy's talk was fantastic and full of great visual diagrams to explain complex network implementation concepts. We couldn't do it justice by liveblogging it on the fly. Instead, we recommend you refer to Cindy's blog posts below and her soon-to-be-posted slides and talk video.

We will update this post with links to her slides and talk video when they're online.

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