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Ryan Blunden

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Sourcegraph is the standard developer platform for code search and navigation at many of the largest and most exacting technology companies. With Sourcegraph, every company has access to the same kind of tools that Google and Facebook developers use every day.

For the third year, Sourcegraph is proud to host the official liveblog for GopherCon. We're looking for attendees who want to contribute - is that you?

Why liveblog

Liveblogging is an excellent way to get more involved with the Go community, support the presenters, and get your name on an artifact of GopherCon. You can sign up for multiple sessions to keep your options open and help make sure the schedule gets filled.

How it works

Liveblogging is about capturing and summarizing the essential parts of a talk, then converting that into a published blog post. We aim to get posts live 2-3 hours after the talk concludes.

Steps to live blog:

  • Take notes capturing talk key points.
  • Fork our website repository.
  • Find the Markdown file for your talk in the blogposts directory and add your content.
  • Make a pull request.
  • After your pull request is merged, it will be live on the Sourcegraph GopherCon liveblog in less than 5 minutes.

Once live, your post will be promoted from the GopherCon and Sourcegraph Twitter accounts, crediting you and raising your profile to over 28,000 followers.

If possible, we provide access to the slides beforehand, making it easier to extract code snippets, images, and get familiar with the content.

To sign up

Fill out our Google form with your contact details and the talks you want to cover. We will then be in touch to confirm your assignment.

Meet the team at GopherCon 2019!

Our remote-first team from around the world is coming together at GopherCon next week. We are looking forward to seeing our friends in the Go community, so make sure to find us while you're there! You can find a Sourcegrapher by spotting someone wearing one of these hoodies:

Sourcegraph GopherCon hoodie

One more thing: Livebloggers will receive one of these awesome hoodies at the end of the conference!

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