Liveblogging GopherCon 2017

Beyang Liu

We’re excited to be the official liveblogging partner for GopherCon 2017!

That’s right — we’ll be writing up concise technical summaries of as many of the amazing talks by Go experts this year as we can. For folks tuning in from home, the liveblog will be a great way to stay on top of conference proceedings efficiently throughout the day. For folks at the conference, it’s a great way to remind yourself of the key takeaways of each talk.

For those of you lucky enough to be at the conference, stop by and say hello (we are in a small table at the back of the main hall). And for those of you at home, keep your social media antenna pointed to or go to



  • Tammy Butow - Go reliability and durability at Dropbox
  • Russ Cox - The future of Go
  • Keith Randall - Generating Better Machine Code with SSA
  • Scott Mansfield - Creating a custom serialisation format
  • Liz Rice - Does Alexa speak Go?
  • Filippo Valsorda - Encrypting the internet with Go
  • David Crawshaw - Go Build Modes
  • Kelsey Hightower - Self Deploying Kubernetes Applications
  • Kris Nova - Valuable lessons from the core of kubernetes kops
  • Fatih Arslan - Writing a Go tool to parse and modify struct tags
  • Edward Muller - Go Anti-Patterns
  • Ian Schenck - Operability in Go
  • Joe Tsai - Forward compatible Go code


  • Kavya Joshi - Understanding Channels
  • Ashley McNamara - My Journey to Go
  • Mitchell Hashimoto - Advanced Testing in Go
  • Jon Bodner - Runtime generated, typesafe, and declarative: Pick Any Three
  • Rhys Hiltner - Introduction to go tool trace
  • Peter Bourgon - Evolutionary Optimisation in Go
  • Aaron Schlesinger - Functional programming in Go
  • Will Hawkins - Go at the DARPA Cyber grand challenge
  • Marty Schoch - Building a high performance KV store
  • Michael Hausenblas - Fallacies of distributed Gomputing
  • Waldemar Quevedo - Design and implementation of the NATS client
  • Alan Shreve - grpc in production
  • Sam Boyer - The new era of Go package management

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