Exploring Pydantic with Samuel Colvin

Justin Dorfman, Beyang Liu

We had the pleasure of interviewing Samuel Colvin creator of Pydantic, an open source data validation library for Python. It validates external data based on Python type hints, which means developers don't need to learn a new data validation specification format or DSL.

Samuel has been working on pydantic since 2017 when he realized the untapped value of type hints in Python. At the time of this recording, Pydantic has been downloaded from PyPI around 22 million times per month.

We learned after the recording that Samuel closed a seed investment round led by Sequoia, with participation from Partech, Irregular Expressions and angel investors including Bryan Helmig (co-founder and CTO of Zapier), Tristan Handy (founder and CEO of Dbt Labs) and David Cramer (co-founder and CTO of Sentry).

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