Cody for VS Code v1.8.0 release

Cody for VS Code v1.8.0 is now available and includes support for Claude 3, local Ollama models, @-mentioning line numbers, keybindings for custom commands, and automatic updating of the local search index.

Support for Claude 3

For Cody Pro users, Cody now supports the new Claude 3 models Opus and Sonnet for Chat, Code Editing and Commands.

Choosing Claude 3 Opus in Cody for VS Code Chat

Claude 3 Sonnet is the faster model, but produces answers with a lower level of intelligence.

Claude 3 Opus (recommended) is the most powerful model, providing the highest quality code output and answer quality.

Local Ollama models for chat and commands (experimental)

Cody now supports using Ollama to run local models for chat and commands, available for Cody Pro users. To setup Cody chat to use Ollama:

  1. Download Ollama
  2. Launch Ollama (ensure the Ollama logo appears in your menu bar)
  3. Pull a model down from the Ollama Library (e.g. ollama pull gemma:7b-instruct-q4_K_M)
  4. In your Cody VS Code extension settings, set cody.experimental.ollamaChat to true
  5. Open a new chat in Cody
  6. In the new chat panel, you should see the chat model you've pulled in the dropdown list
Choosing an Ollama model in Cody for VS Code Chat

@-file now supports line numbers

You can now specify line numbers when you @-mention files in chat, by appending ':line-range' after the file name. This allows you to @-mention parts of large files, and makes it clearer what code Explain Code and Find Code Smells commands are referring to.

Specifying line numbers in @-mentions in Cody for VS Code

Keybinding support for custom commands

You can now bind keyboard shortcuts to quickly run your custom commands. To bind a keyboard shortcut, open the Keyboard Shortcuts editor and search for "cody.command.custom." to see the list of your custom commands.

Setting custom command keybindings in Cody for VS Code

Automatic updating of local search index

The local search index, used by Cody Free & Cody Pro, now automatically updates every 24 hours to ensure up-to-date code is used for context, reducing the number of confusing or inaccurate responses.


See the changelog and GitHub releases for a complete list of changes.

Thank you

Cody wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing contributors 💖 A big thank you to everyone who contributed, filed issues, and sent us feedback.

As always, we value your feedback in Discord and GitHub. Happy Codying!

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Previous release: Cody for VS Code v1.6.0

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