Cody for VS Code v1.2.0 release

Tim Lucas, Justin Dorfman

Cody for VS Code v1.2.0 is now available and includes updated chat history navigation, redesigned chat message editing, improved chat context limit handling, and a number of other bug fixes and improvements.

Chat: Updated chat list and a new history button

The chats sidebar now groups your chats by when they were last updated, so you can more easily find your recent chats at a glance:

Cody v1.2.0: updated chat list and a new history button

We’ve also added a new Chat History button at the top of your chat tabs, so you can navigate between chats (and search chats) without opening the Cody sidebar:

Cody v1.2.0: Chat history

A big thank you to Deepak Kumar for contributing to these changes!

Chat: Removal of slash commands in chat

We have removed slash commands from the chat interface; however, they are still executable from the Cody sidebar, command palette, and context menu.

This also means that typing '/' in chat no longer displays a list of commands.

When executing a default command, you can see the underlying prompt instead of the command name. This enhancement offers improved visibility by allowing you to discern the underlying prompt when executing a default command. This increased visibility enables you to adjust the prompt using the new editing process.

Chat: Redesigned chat editing

We’ve updated the chat interface to make it easier to edit chat messages or start a new chat quickly:

You can now hit Enter to edit your message immediately without waiting for the stream to finish. This allows for quicker experimentation and iteration and less dependence on sending follow-up messages to clarify your question (which can also fill up your chat’s context window).

We’ve also fixed several chat editing bugs, including the ability to @-include files, run slash commands, and show the edit buttons more consistently in the transcript:

Chat: Improved context window handling

We’ve made several changes to the handling of the context window behind chats:

  • The allocation of the LLM context window used for transcript messages has been expanded, so chats are now better at remembering past contexts.
  • The context limit error-like notifications in chat have been removed while we investigate better ways of giving you visibility on what is included or excluded from context.

Edits: Relabeled action buttons

The action buttons that appear after performing a Cody code edit have been relabeled to be clear, and “Edits Applied” is now called “Show Diff”:

Cody v1.2.0: Clearer Edit action buttons

Custom command (beta) updates

We’ve made some changes to custom commands:

  • Support for running custom edit commands from the chat window has been fixed.
  • Removed the context.codebase custom command property based on low usage.

Please continue sending us feedback on custom commands while they’re in beta. Need some inspiration for custom commands? Make sure to check out Codyception by Kynlo.


See the changelog and GitHub releases for a complete list of changes.

Thank you

If you missed it above, we mentioned two individuals in this post, Deepak and Kynlo. They make Cody better by contributing code and answering new user questions, ​​among other things. We want to ensure they know how much we appreciate their contributions and the other Cody Experts like Rayykuun, Tino, and k8grl. Join us in Discord, and give them a thanks!

💖 Also, a big thank you to everyone else who contributed, filed issues and sent us feedback.

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Previous release: Cody for VS Code v1.1.0

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