Cody for VS Code v1.10.0 release

Kalan Chan, Justin Dorfman

Cody for VS Code v1.10.0 is now available, this release includes support for Claude 3 Haiku, several improvements to doc string generation, and debugging.

We have made it easier for Cody Pro and Enterprise users to get assistance when needed, support links are now more prominently displayed so users can easily access help. Cody Pro and Enterprise users can now get more timely responses by filling out a support form.

Support link in the settings panel
Support link in the Cody settings panel

New debug options

We've made it easier to generate and access Cody’s debug logs, allowing you to debug issues and more easily share that information with Sourcegraph’s support team. Please include logs in your bug reports when possible.

  • Debug commands are now grouped in command palette under "Cody Debug"
  • Added an "Open Output Channel" sidebar menu item, that opens the VS Code output panel with "Cody by Sourcegraph" selected
  • Added a debug button in the top right of the Cody settings panel, which sets {"cody.debug.verbose": true} and opens the VS Code output panel
debugging options in the settings
Export logs and open output channel in the settings panel
debugging options in the command palette
All debug commands are also grouped together and are available through the command palette

Improved Document Command

Generating documentation from code has been improved to automatically detect documentable code blocks and provide hints to quickly generate doc strings. When your cursor is on a documentable symbol in JavaScript, TypeScript, Go or Python, a "Opt/Alt+D to Document" ghost text will appear. Pressing Opt / Alt + D will immediately generate documentation for that code block.

GPT-4 Turbo upgrade

For Cody Pro users, GPT-4 Turbo now uses the gpt-4-0125-preview model.

Claude 3 Haiku is now available for Cody Pro

For Cody Pro users we've added Anthropic’s latest AI model, Claude 3 Haiku, alongside Sonnet and Opus. This new model offers significantly faster speeds while maintaining quality and coherence. To start using Claude 3 Haiku start a new chat and select it from the list of models:

Claude3 Haiku in the LLM Selection dropdown


See the changelog and GitHub releases for a complete list of changes.

Thank you

Cody wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing contributors 💖 A big thank you to everyone who contributed, filed issues, and sent us feedback.

As always, we value your feedback in Discord and GitHub. Happy Codying!

To get started with Cody install it from the VS Code Marketplace

Previous release: Cody for VS Code v1.6.0

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