Cody for VS Code v0.18 release

The Cody for VS Code v0.18.0 update introduces a new chat interface, allowing for side-by-side chat windows, a reworked context dropdown that shows file names and line ranges, and improved context control using the new Enhanced Context Selector.

New Chat Interface

Chats now open alongside your code, in a larger window, without needing the Cody sidebar open. This means you can have multiple chats open side-by-side and configure them to give more space to read longer code blocks. You can also manage your chats directly in the sidebar.

New Chat Interface
New Chat Interface

Context Controls

Cody’s chat view has a completely reworked context dropdown that shows not just the file names but also the exact line ranges that Cody used to provide a chat response. This helps you understand exactly what additional context was included. You can also click any of the context items to open the file with line range selected.

Cody for VS Code v0.18.0 Release
Enhanced Context Control

You can now control whether Cody fetches additional context (e.g. Embeddings), using the new Enhanced Context button in the chat message text input. When enabled, Cody fetches embeddings and includes them with your message to get the best responses from the LLM. When disabled, only @-included files or symbols with be included as context.

We’ve also updated @-mentioning a file or symbol (@#-) in chat so it now supports fuzzy filename searching, letting you quickly find the context you’d like Cody to include:

Cody for VS Code v0.18.0 Release
@-included files now supports fuzzy filename search

Autocomplete Improvements

Cody for VS Code v0.18.0 Release
We listened to your community feedback and worked on adding multi-line autocompletes.

Autocomplete is now better at detecting when you need to generate a block of code, giving you a single multi-line suggestion instead of needing to generate it line-by-line:

Cody for VS Code v0.18.0 Release

We also extended these multi-line completions to code within brackets, so Cody now generates fully expanded parameters for you in a single suggestion:

Cody for VS Code v0.18.0 Release

If you want to request an autocompletion suggestion manually, we’ve updated the command so it now appears properly labeled in the VS Code command palette and keybindings:

Cody for VS Code v0.18.0 Release

Code Editing Improvements

We’ve made a huge range of improvements to Cody’s code editing command, including increased quality of generated code, auto-applying of edits, auto-formatting of code, streaming responses, a new “Retry” option to retry an edit with an updated prompt, and 3 new code actions:

  • Ask Cody to Edit
  • Ask Cody to Generate
  • Ask Cody to Document

New Search UI

We discovered that lots of users were using Cody chat to search for code snippets in their codebase but not getting the results they expected. We’ve added a new natural language search feature that uses a local index of your open project to surface code snippets that approximately match a description.

Inline Chat Removed

We've removed inline chat as part of the new chat interface changes. Inline chat was built on top of VS Code’s File Commenting API, which proved too difficult to provide a reliable and intuitive chat experience and provide high-quality chat responses. We’ll continue to revisit inline chat experiences as the VS Code team releases non-private APIs available for others to use.


See the changelog and GitHub releases for a complete list of changes.

Thank you

Cody wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing contributors 💖 A big thank you to everyone who contributed, filed issues, and sent us feedback.

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