Cody for VS Code v0.14 release

Kalan Chan, Tim Lucas

Cody for VS Code v0.14 is now available and includes improvements to the /doc and /test commands, a new mode configuration for custom commands, and experimental smart selection.

Smart selection for /doc and /test

You can now use the /doc and /test commands without selecting any code first, and Cody will use the position of your cursor to guess out what you're wanting to document or code.

For unit tests, it means you can now generate them by right clicking on a function name and selecting "Cody → Generate Unit Tests". Or using the keyboard, anywhere in a function, by pressing option-c (Mac) or alt-c (Windows/Linux) and running /test.

Screenshot of an smart selection

This feature is still under development, please give it a test and provide feedback.

Improvements to /doc

The /doc command now adds the generated documentation directly above your selected code. You no longer need to copy and paste the generated documentation from the chat view.

Screenshot of an inline doc generation

We've also improved the /doc command’s underlying prompt so it now better matches your existing comment styles, generates more concise explanations, and better understands when to use a docstring-style API comment vs a plain code comment.

New custom command modes

Custom commands now support a new mode configuration field that allows commands to be customized for how Cody should execute them:

  • inline (default) - Runs the prompt in the inline chat window
  • edit - Runs the prompt on the selected code for refactoring workflows
  • insert - Runs the prompt and inserts the response on top of the selection

See the custom commands documentation for details on the new mode property.

New Copy, Insert and Save to File buttons

The "Copy" and "Insert at Cursor" actions on chat code blocks are now always visible, accessible via a new bar on the bottom of the code blocks.

We've also added a new "Save to File..." button, allowing you to save the code block directly to a new file in your project.

Screenshot of an Save To File in chat


See the changelog and GitHub releases for a complete list of changes.

Thank you

Cody is open source, and wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing contributors 💖 A big thank you to everyone who contributed, filed issues, and sent us feedback.

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