Cody now integrates with GitLab

Amie Rotherham

As developers continue to lean into AI, Sourcegraph is making its AI coding assistant, Cody, more broadly available.

Today, Sourcegraph announced that Cody now integrates with GitLab, the most comprehensive AI-powered enterprise DevSecOps platform. Cody provides customers with multiple ways to take advantage of AI capabilities.

Key features of the integration include:

  • Chat-based interface in your IDE: Cody natively integrates with VS Code and comes pre-packaged with 9 recipes that allow devs to explain, understand, generate, translate, summarize, and detect ‘code smell’ across repositories and even generate fixes and unit tests.
  • Powerful and accurate AI: Cody leverages Sourcegraph’s code graph to fetch code context, resulting in more precise outputs in line with an organization’s codebase and best practices. Developers can work more efficiently and intelligently within their editors while referencing knowledge from their entire codebase via AI.
  • Accelerated development: By seamlessly connecting an organization's private codebase, documentation, and language libraries, Cody empowers developers to move even faster, delivering results quickly and reliably.

With Sourcegraph’s Cody, customers using the integration can tap into the full knowledge of their codebase, no matter the size, with a simple chat interface. They can quickly and easily find, understand, explain, generate, refactor, and debug code right from their IDE throughout the software development lifecycle.

Devs see immediate value with Cody:

  • Save time and resources: Cody writes code and answers questions using your own code graph as context, whether it’s across multiple instances of their code repository or multiple code hosts. Examples include:
    • Code fixups: Type what you want Cody to do and hit the Fixup hotkey. Cody edits that code directly within your editor, saving you the need to copy and paste code.
    • Code generations: Ask Cody to write boilerplate code, API calls, or even specific code based on your instructions and requirements.
  • Stay in flow: Remain within your development platform without any disruption using Cody.
  • Get clarity, quickly: Reduce hallucinations and ask questions about your private codebase thanks to Sourcegraph's code graph made up of all git repository data with all your files, functions, repos, and references. \

“AI-powered code search and navigation tools are the future of software development, and a critical step to helping devs make sense of their codebases and write code faster than ever,” said Quinn Slack, Sourcegraph CEO. “Our mission is to make it easier for devs to read, write, and fix code—even in big, complex codebases—keeping devs in flow and shipping fast. The support for GitLab, Bitbucket, and GitHub Enterprise is just one of many steps we are taking to achieve this goal.”

Read Sourcegraph’s docs for more information on the GitLab integration, and stay tuned for more updates and features in the future.

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