Building toward the Sourcegraph master plan

Quinn Slack

The pace at which humans can write code is the main thing that stands between us and flying cars, a habitat on Mars, and a cure for cancer. One obstacle holding back progress is the software that billions of people use is being created by just 0.2% of the world’s population (those who can write code).

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We believe that the experience of building software is harder than it needs to be and that by simplifying the process we can help accelerate the creation of new products and technologies.

Today we have two new partners who share our vision and $20 million in Series A funding led by Redpoint Ventures along with Goldcrest Capital to help us on our path toward our Sourcegraph master plan.

Scott Raney of Redpoint Ventures and Dan Friedland of Goldcrest Capital have joined the Board of Directors and share our vision of a world where everyone—not just the ones working at the half-dozen dominant tech companies—can create products using the best technology. Scott, who backed Twilio, Stripe and Heroku, brings deep knowledge of scaling developer-focused products and first-hand experience helping teams build substantial businesses in the process. Dan brings knowledge around building transformative technology that solves real problems for businesses across all industries.

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We founded Sourcegraph to change the developer experience of building software, which has been poor, duplicative, manual, and single-player. As developers ourselves, we saw that the complexity and scale of code bases far exceeded the limits of developer tooling and collaboration. Working inside large tech companies and financial institutions, we needed better tools to edit, search, and review code in order to build higher-quality products more quickly. We were surprised that we couldn’t find a single product that understood how code works and how it all fits together.

Our new funding will help us continue executing on our company roadmap, what we call our Sourcegraph master plan. Our goals are clear:

  • to make basic code intelligence ubiquitous,
  • make code review continuous and intelligent,
  • and increase the amount and quality of open source code.

While we are excited about our progress and the feedback from developers along the way, we have a lot of work ahead of us.

Now that billions of people have access to the Internet, think: what would the world look like if coding was more like reading and writing (which virtually everyone does)? We think it will be a world full of new opportunities for all. In the meantime, we’re excited to help today’s developers build better software.

About the author

Quinn Slack is the CEO and co-founder of Sourcegraph, the code intelligence platform for dev teams and making coding more accessible to more people. Prior to Sourcegraph, Quinn co-founded Blend Labs, an enterprise technology company dedicated to improving home lending and was an egineer at Palantir, where he created a technology platform to help two of the top five U.S. banks recover from the housing crisis. Quinn has a BS in Computer Science from Stanford, you can chat with him on Twitter @sqs.

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