Highlights from AI Dev Tools Night in San Francisco

YK Sugi


Developers, developers, developers! Last night, Sourcegraph hosted an AI Dev Tools Night event in San Francisco, and it was a huge success! The evening was filled with insightful talks, plenty of networking opportunities, and an exciting giveaway. Here’s a recap of the highlights from our amazing lineup of speakers and the key takeaways from the event.

YK kicking off the event

Quinn welcoming everyone

Dane Schneider from PlandexAI

Dane showing Plandex

Dane Schneider from PlandexAI kicked off the series of talks with a compelling presentation on the evolution of prompts as a new kind of programming language. He demonstrated Plandex, an AI coding engine designed to handle large, complex tasks that span many files and model responses. Dane emphasized the importance of precision and iteration in prompt engineering, likening it to traditional programming. He showcased Plandex’s unique features, such as its ability to manage multiple model responses and its integration with version control systems, making AI development more streamlined and efficient.

Adam Chan from Weaviate

Adam Chan introducing vector search

Adam Chan introduced the concept of vector databases and how they enhance search capabilities by leveraging semantic meaning. He explained how traditional keyword search often falls short in delivering relevant results, whereas vector search uses machine learning models to represent information as vectors, capturing the semantic relationships between data points. This method enables more accurate and relevant search results, especially for complex queries. Adam highlighted Weaviate’s innovative approach to improving search functionalities and knowledge management in modern applications, demonstrating its potential to significantly change how we interact with and retrieve information.

Dani Grant, CEO of Jam.dev

Dani showing how software engineering will be a lot more fun

Dani Grant, CEO of Jam.dev, shared her thoughts on the future of software engineering. She predicted a significant increase in the number of software engineers over the next decade, driven by advancements in AI. Dani argued that as AI tools lower the barrier to entry for software development, more people will be able to contribute to the field. She also discussed how AI will transform the role of developers, making engineering more enjoyable and productive by automating repetitive tasks and enabling more creative work. Dani’s insights painted an exciting picture of a future where engineering is more accessible and impactful than ever before.

Beyang Liu, CTO and Co-founder of Sourcegraph

Beyang's talk on the technical journey of building Cody

Beyang Liu, our CTO and Co-founder, wrapped up the presentations with an in-depth look at the technical journey of building Cody, Sourcegraph’s AI coding assistant. Beyang highlighted the importance of context in AI code generation and demonstrated how Cody leverages Sourcegraph’s code search capabilities to provide accurate and relevant code suggestions. He showcased demos, illustrating how Cody can significantly improve developer productivity by retrieving relevant code snippets and integrating them seamlessly into the coding workflow. Beyang also discussed the future of AI in software development, emphasizing the potential of online agents and advanced model integration to further enhance coding efficiency and reliability.

Networking and giveaway

The event wasn’t just about learning; it was also about connecting with fellow developers and tech enthusiasts. Attendees enjoyed pizza, lively conversations, and the opportunity to network with industry experts. We also hosted an exciting giveaway that many participants enjoyed.


AI Dev Tools Night was a fantastic opportunity to learn, network, and get inspired by the latest advancements in AI and developer tools. Huge thanks to our speakers—Dane Schneider, Adam Chan, Dani Grant, and Beyang Liu—as well as everyone who joined us in San Francisco.

Missed the event? Don’t worry! You can check the recording here. If you’re interested in attending future in-person events, sign up here.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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