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package fasthttp

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Package fasthttp provides fast HTTP server and client API.

Fasthttp provides the following features:

* Optimized for speed. Easily handles more than 100K qps and more than 1M
  concurrent keep-alive connections on modern hardware.
* Optimized for low memory usage.
* Easy 'Connection: Upgrade' support via RequestCtx.Hijack.
* Server supports requests' pipelining. Multiple requests may be read from
  a single network packet and multiple responses may be sent in a single
  network packet. This may be useful for highly loaded REST services.
* Server provides the following anti-DoS limits:

    * The number of concurrent connections.
    * The number of concurrent connections per client IP.
    * The number of requests per connection.
    * Request read timeout.
    * Response write timeout.
    * Maximum request header size.
    * Maximum request body size.
    * Maximum request execution time.
    * Maximum keep-alive connection lifetime.
    * Early filtering out non-GET requests.

* A lot of additional useful info is exposed to request handler:

    * Server and client address.
    * Per-request logger.
    * Unique request id.
    * Request start time.
    * Connection start time.
    * Request sequence number for the current connection.

* Client supports automatic retry on idempotent requests' failure.
* Fasthttp API is designed with the ability to extend existing client
  and server implementations or to write custom client and server
  implementations from scratch.

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