FSHandler returns request handler serving static files from the given root folder.

stripSlashes indicates how many leading slashes must be stripped from requested path before searching requested file in the root folder. Examples:

* stripSlashes = 0, original path: "/foo/bar", result: "/foo/bar"
* stripSlashes = 1, original path: "/foo/bar", result: "/bar"
* stripSlashes = 2, original path: "/foo/bar", result: ""

The returned request handler automatically generates index pages for directories without index.html.

The returned handler caches requested file handles for FSHandlerCacheDuration. Make sure your program has enough 'max open files' limit aka 'ulimit -n' if root folder contains many files.

Do not create multiple request handler instances for the same (root, stripSlashes) arguments - just reuse a single instance. Otherwise goroutine leak will occur.

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