Server wraps an http.Server with graceful connection handling. It may be used directly in the same way as http.Server, or may be constructed with the global functions in this package.


srv := &graceful.Server{
	Timeout: 5 * time.Second,
	Server: &http.Server{Addr: ":1234", Handler: handler},

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type Server struct {

	// Timeout is the duration to allow outstanding requests to survive
	// before forcefully terminating them.
	Timeout time.Duration

	// Limit the number of outstanding requests
	ListenLimit int

	// TCPKeepAlive sets the TCP keep-alive timeouts on accepted
	// connections. It prunes dead TCP connections ( e.g. closing
	// laptop mid-download)
	TCPKeepAlive time.Duration

	// ConnState specifies an optional callback function that is
	// called when a client connection changes state. This is a proxy
	// to the underlying http.Server's ConnState, and the original
	// must not be set directly.
	ConnState func(net.Conn, http.ConnState)

	// BeforeShutdown is an optional callback function that is called
	// before the listener is closed. Returns true if shutdown is allowed
	BeforeShutdown func() bool

	// ShutdownInitiated is an optional callback function that is called
	// when shutdown is initiated. It can be used to notify the client
	// side of long lived connections (e.g. websockets) to reconnect.
	ShutdownInitiated func()

	// NoSignalHandling prevents graceful from automatically shutting down
	// on SIGINT and SIGTERM. If set to true, you must shut down the server
	// manually with Stop().
	NoSignalHandling bool

	// Logger used to notify of errors on startup and on stop.
	Logger *log.Logger

	// LogFunc can be assigned with a logging function of your choice, allowing
	// you to use whatever logging approach you would like
	LogFunc func(format string, args ...interface{})

	// Interrupted is true if the server is handling a SIGINT or SIGTERM
	// signal and is thus shutting down.
	Interrupted bool

	// interrupt signals the listener to stop serving connections,
	// and the server to shut down.
	interrupt chan os.Signal

	// stopLock is used to protect against concurrent calls to Stop
	stopLock sync.Mutex

	// stopChan is the channel on which callers may block while waiting for
	// the server to stop.
	stopChan chan struct{}

	// chanLock is used to protect access to the various channel constructors.
	chanLock sync.RWMutex

	// connections holds all connections managed by graceful
	connections map[net.Conn]struct{}

	// idleConnections holds all idle connections managed by graceful
	idleConnections map[net.Conn]struct{}