Consume immediately starts delivering queued messages.

Begin receiving on the returned chan Delivery before any other operation on the Connection or Channel.

Continues deliveries to the returned chan Delivery until Channel.Cancel, Connection.Close, Channel.Close, or an AMQP exception occurs. Consumers must range over the chan to ensure all deliveries are received. Unreceived deliveries will block all methods on the same connection.

All deliveries in AMQP must be acknowledged. It is expected of the consumer to call Delivery.Ack after it has successfully processed the delivery. If the consumer is cancelled or the channel or connection is closed any unacknowledged deliveries will be requeued at the end of the same queue.

The consumer is identified by a string that is unique and scoped for all consumers on this channel. If you wish to eventually cancel the consumer, use the same non-empty idenfitier in Channel.Cancel. An empty string will cause the library to generate a unique identity. The consumer identity will be included in every Delivery in the ConsumerTag field

When autoAck (also known as noAck) is true, the server will acknowledge deliveries to this consumer prior to writing the delivery to the network. When autoAck is true, the consumer should not call Delivery.Ack. Automatically acknowledging deliveries means that some deliveries may get lost if the consumer is unable to process them after the server delivers them.

When exclusive is true, the server will ensure that this is the sole consumer from this queue. When exclusive is false, the server will fairly distribute deliveries across multiple consumers.

When noLocal is true, the server will not deliver publishing sent from the same connection to this consumer. It's advisable to use separate connections for Channel.Publish and Channel.Consume so not to have TCP pushback on publishing affect the ability to consume messages, so this parameter is here mostly for completeness.

When noWait is true, do not wait for the server to confirm the request and immediately begin deliveries. If it is not possible to consume, a channel exception will be raised and the channel will be closed.

Optional arguments can be provided that have specific semantics for the queue or server.

When the channel or connection closes, all delivery chans will also close.

Deliveries on the returned chan will be buffered indefinitely. To limit memory of this buffer, use the Channel.Qos method to limit the amount of unacknowledged/buffered deliveries the server will deliver on this Channel.

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