Confirm puts this channel into confirm mode so that the client can ensure all publishings have successfully been received by the server. After entering this mode, the server will send a basic.ack or basic.nack message with the deliver tag set to a 1 based incrementing index corresponding to every publishing received after the this method returns.

Add a listener to Channel.NotifyPublish to respond to the Confirmations. If Channel.NotifyPublish is not called, the Confirmations will be silently ignored.

The order of acknowledgments is not bound to the order of deliveries.

Ack and Nack confirmations will arrive at some point in the future.

Unroutable mandatory or immediate messages are acknowledged immediately after any Channel.NotifyReturn listeners have been notified. Other messages are acknowledged when all queues that should have the message routed to them have either have received acknowledgment of delivery or have enqueued the message, persisting the message if necessary.

When noWait is true, the client will not wait for a response. A channel exception could occur if the server does not support this method.

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