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const RepositoryWideQualified

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A RepositoryWideQualified name is the full package/module name(s) plus the def's scope-qualified name. It should describe enough of the package hierarchy so that it is unique in its repository. RepositoryWideQualified differs from DepQualified in that the former includes the full nested package/module path from the repository root (e.g., 'a/b.C' for a Go func C in the repository '' subdirectory 'b'), while DepQualified would only be the last directory component (e.g., 'b.C' in that example).


Go method       `(*mypkg/subpkg.MyType).MyMethod`
Python method   `mypkg.subpkg.MyClass.my_method` (unless mypkg =~ subpkg)
CommonJS method `mypkg.mymodule.MyConstructor.prototype.myMethod` (unless mypkg =~ mymodule)

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