Package toml provides facilities for decoding and encoding TOML configuration files via reflection. There is also support for delaying decoding with the Primitive type, and querying the set of keys in a TOML document with the MetaData type.

The specification implemented:

The sub-command can be used to verify whether a file is a valid TOML document. It can also be used to print the type of each key in a TOML document.


There are two important types of tests used for this package. The first is contained inside '*_test.go' files and uses the standard Go unit testing framework. These tests are primarily devoted to holistically testing the decoder and encoder.

The second type of testing is used to verify the implementation's adherence to the TOML specification. These tests have been factored into their own project:

The reason the tests are in a separate project is so that they can be used by any implementation of TOML. Namely, it is language agnostic.

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