Parse parses flags from an ini format. You can use ParseFile as a convenience function to parse from a filename instead of a general io.Reader.

The format of the ini file is as follows:

[Option group name]
option = value

Each section in the ini file represents an option group or command in the flags parser. The default flags parser option group (i.e. when using flags.Parse) is named 'Application Options'. The ini option name is matched in the following order:

1. Compared to the ini-name tag on the option struct field (if present)
2. Compared to the struct field name
3. Compared to the option long name (if present)
4. Compared to the option short name (if present)

Sections for nested groups and commands can be addressed using a dot `.' namespacing notation (i.e [subcommand.Options]). Group section names are matched case insensitive.

The returned errors can be of the type flags.Error or flags.IniError.

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