Register a function to be run at app startup.

The order you register the functions will be the order they are run. You can think of it as a FIFO queue. This process will happen after the config file is read and before the server is listening for connections.

Ideally, your application should have only one call to init() in the file init.go. The reason being that the call order of multiple init() functions in the same package is undefined. Inside of init() call revel.OnAppStart() for each function you wish to register.


// from: yourapp/app/controllers/somefile.go
func InitDB() {
    // do DB connection stuff here

func FillCache() {
    // fill a cache from DB
    // this depends on InitDB having been run

// from: yourapp/app/init.go
func init() {
    // set up filters...

    // register startup functions

This can be useful when you need to establish connections to databases or third-party services, setup app components, compile assets, or any thing you need to do between starting Revel and accepting connections.

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