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type InterceptorFunc

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An "interceptor" is functionality invoked by the framework BEFORE or AFTER an action.

An interceptor may optionally return a Result (instead of nil). Depending on when the interceptor was invoked, the response is different: 1. BEFORE: No further interceptors are invoked, and neither is the action. 2. AFTER: Further interceptors are still run. In all cases, any returned Result will take the place of any existing Result.

In the BEFORE case, that returned Result is guaranteed to be final, while in the AFTER case it is possible that a further interceptor could emit its own Result.

Interceptors are called in the order that they are added.


Two types of interceptors are provided: Funcs and Methods

Func Interceptors may apply to any / all Controllers.

func example(*revel.Controller) revel.Result

Method Interceptors are provided so that properties can be set on application controllers.

func (c AppController) example() revel.Result
func (c *AppController) example() revel.Result

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