class Axlsx::Storage

The Storage class represents a storage object or stream in a compound file.

Creates a new storage object.


  • name (String)

    the name of the storage

  • options (Hash) (defaults to: {})

    a customizable set of options

Options Hash (options):

  • color (Integer)

    @default black

  • type (Integer)

    @default storage

  • data (String)
  • left (Integer)

    @default -1

  • right (Integer)

    @default -1

  • child (Integer)

    @default -1

  • created (Integer)

    @default 0

  • modified (Integer)

    @default 0

  • sector (Integer)

    @default 0

The 0 based index in the directoies chain for the child of this storage.

The color of this node in the directory tree. Defaults to black if not specified

The created attribute for the storage

The stream associated with this storage

Returns left

The modified attribute for the storage

the name of the stream

The size of the name for this node. interesting to see that office actually uses 'R' for the root directory and lists the size as 2 bytes - thus is it NOT null terminated. I am making this r/w so that I can override the size

The 0 based index in the directoies chain for this the right sibling of this storage.

The starting sector for the stream. If this storage is not a stream, or the root node this is nil

The size of the stream

Creates a byte string for this storage

The type of storage see TYPES

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