Creates a new Axlsx::SheetView object


  • options (Hash) (defaults to: {})

    a customizable set of options

Options Hash (options):

  • color_id (Integer)

    Color Id

  • default_grid_color (Boolean)

    Default Grid Color

  • right_to_left (Boolean)

    Right To Left

  • show_formulas (Boolean)

    Show Formulas

  • show_grid_lines (Boolean)

    Show Grid Lines

  • show_outline_symbols (Boolean)

    Show Outline Symbols

  • show_row_col_headers (Boolean)

    Show Headers

  • show_ruler (Boolean)

    Show Ruler

  • show_white_space (Boolean)

    Show White Space

  • show_zeros (Boolean)

    Show Zero Values

  • tab_selected (Boolean)

    Sheet Tab Selected

  • top_left_cell (String, Cell)

    Top Left Visible Cell

  • view (Symbol)

    View Type

  • window_protection (Boolean)

    Window Protection

  • workbook_view_id (Integer)

    Workbook View Index

  • zoom_scale (Integer)
  • zoom_scale_normal (Integer)

    Zoom Scale Normal View

  • zoom_scale_page_layout_view (Integer)

    Zoom Scale Page Layout View

  • zoom_scale_sheet_layout_view (Integer)

    Zoom Scale Page Break Preview

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