class Axlsx::SheetProtection

The SheetProtection object manages worksheet protection options per sheet.

Creates a new SheetProtection instance


  • options (Hash) (defaults to: {})

    a customizable set of options

Options Hash (options):

  • sheet (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#sheet

  • objects (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#objects

  • scenarios (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#scenarios

  • format_cells (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#objects

  • format_columns (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#format_columns

  • format_rows (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#format_rows

  • insert_columns (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#insert_columns

  • insert_rows (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#insert_rows

  • insert_hyperlinks (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#insert_hyperlinks

  • delete_columns (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#delete_columns

  • delete_rows (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#delete_rows

  • select_locked_cells (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#select_locked_cells

  • sort (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#sort

  • auto_filter (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#auto_filter

  • pivot_tables (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#pivot_tables

  • select_unlocked_cells (Boolean)

    @see SheetProtection#select_unlocked_cells

  • password. (String)

    The password required for unlocking. @see SheetProtection#password=

Creates a password hash for a given password

Encodes a given password Based on the algorithm provided by Daniel Rentz of OpenOffice., Revision 1.42, page 115 (21.05.2012)

Password hash default nil

Specifies the salt which was prepended to the user-supplied password before it was hashed using the hashing algorithm

Serialize the object


  • str (String) (defaults to: '')

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