class Axlsx::Line3DChart

The Line3DChart is a three dimentional line chart (who would have guessed?) that you can add to your worksheet.


Creating a chart

# This example creates a line in a single sheet.
require "rubygems" # if that is your preferred way to manage gems!
require "axlsx"

p =
ws = p.workbook.add_worksheet
ws.add_row ["This is a chart with no data in the sheet"]

chart = ws.add_chart(Axlsx::Line3DChart, :start_at=> [0,1], :end_at=>[0,6], :t#itle=>"Most Popular Pets")
chart.add_series :data => [1, 9, 10], :labels => ["Slimy Reptiles", "Fuzzy Bunnies", "Rottweiler"]

Creates a new line chart object


  • options (Hash) (defaults to: {})

    a customizable set of options

Options Hash (options):

  • gap_depth (String)

space between bar or column clusters, as a percentage of the bar or column width.

the category axis

Serializes the object


  • str (String) (defaults to: '')

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