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def Axlsx::Hyperlink#initialize

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Creates a hyperlink object parent must be a Pic for now, although I expect that other object support this tag and its cNvPr parent


  • parent (Pic)
  • options (Hash) (defaults to: {})

    a customizable set of options

Options Hash (options):

  • tooltip (String)

    message shown when hyperlinked object is hovered over with mouse.

  • tgtFrame (String)

    Target frame for opening hyperlink

  • invalidUrl (String)

    supposedly use to store the href when we know it is an invalid resource.

  • href (String)

    the target resource this hyperlink links to. This is actually stored on the relationship.

  • action (String)

    A string that can be used to perform specific actions. For excel please see this reference:

  • endSnd (Boolean)

    terminate any sound events when processing this link

  • history (Boolean)

    include this link in the list of visited links for the applications history.

  • highlightClick (Boolean)

    indicate that the link has already been visited.


  • (_self)

Yield Parameters:

  • _self (Axlsx::Hyperlink)

    the object that the method was called on

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